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UPB Single Switch, 900W, w/White faceplate Slim Line Doorbell Camera - Bronze Wireless & Water Resistant Micro-Speaker - Black
XJ-300FR HAI-99A00-1
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STEREO or MONO AMP, 2x90 WRMS / 8 Ohm, L/P Xover, AUTO SENSING ON Slim Line Doorbell Camera - Satin Nickel HAI OmniTouch 7" - White
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6.5" Full Range mid woofer, 20mm eyeball Neo Tweeter, 12 dB Xover-PRICED PER PAIR PulseWorx - Gateway Interface - Black

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PCS created a solution for your LED fixtures and bulbs having issues turning off completely and flickering at certain dim levels. We have found that by inserting a small load resistor ILR-10K in parallel with the LED load it frequently eliminates these problems.

PCS is now supplying the ILR-10K with leads for this application. The load resistor will dissipate only 1.4W at 100% brightness settings and less at any lower settings. This heat generation is low enough that the load resistor can be installed behind the dimmer switch or at the load/fixture location.

The load resistor has a high resistance (10K ohm) and is designed to be directly wired across 120VAC. Please see diagram below.

Please note the ILR-10K is installed in PARALLEL with the LED. This means the load resistor is wired between the switch load wire (RED) and neutral (WHITE). If the load resistor is incorrectly installed in SERIES with the load, the LED will stay off. This will not hurt the load resistor or the switch or the LED, but the LED will never go on.
**As a reminder, If you are installing PCS filter inductor (ILC) must be installed inSERIES with the load. If the filter inductor is incorrectly installed in parallel it would overheat and burn out immediately and probably damage the switch since it has such a low resistance (.5 ohm) it would appear to be a short circuit. Please refer to the ILC installation manual here.

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